About Bones 2.0

Bones began when the founder, Dani, was envisioning her dream job. At the time, she was working at a (human) bakery. While things were going well, she knew that something was missing. If you're a dog person (which you likely are if you found your way to us), you know that leaving your dog is the worst part of the day but the absolute best part is coming home to her/him. Dani soon realized that she could find a way to blend both her love for her fur babies and her baking for passion into one. And Bones was born.



Bones started in her kitchen right here in Rochester, NY. Piper and Molly were two of the toughest critics out there and would like some credit for how tasty the treats are today. Dani realized that she only wanted the absolute best for her dogs, and she knew that other people felt the same way. That is when she drew the line in the sand that Bones would only ever use high quality, human grade ingredients in their dog treats. Only the absolute best for the absolute best, no exceptions.

Soon (in the big scheme of things anyway) after Bones started to become a household name in Rochester, Dani knew there was one more piece of the puzzle that hadn't quite come together. She wanted this to be an experience for the entire family, no one excluded.

Today, Bones Cafe & Bakery proudly serves human treats alongside dog treats. From pastries to hand decorated cookies and cakes, to seasonal favorites, Bones is proud to be the place that humans and dogs can co-exist. Plus a full service coffee bar because... well we really don't think we need to explain why coffee is a good idea. 

Bones thinks it's pretty simple. For dog treats- if their human wouldn't eat it, neither should they. For human treats- if their dog wouldn't TRY to eat it, neither should they.